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The International Citizen Service (ICS) programme as offered by Tearfund, in partnership with Zoë-Life, brings together volunteers from South Africa and the United Kingdom.

This programme, which is funded by the government of the United Kingdom, places teams of volunteers in vulnerable communities, where they work alongside local organisations in projects aimed at helping children in resource-poor communities to become more confident and skilled in order to inspire hope in their communities.


Where Could Volunteers Go?

Zoe-Life in Chesterville
Volunteers living in this community run a literacy programme in two primary schools, provide academic and life-skills support at a youth centre and work with an orphanage.
Zoe-Life in Inchanga
ICS volunteers in Inchanga provide educational support through a literacy programme and physical education lessons, run a "chat café" and help to maintain community gardens.
Zoe-Life in Haenertsburg
Volunteers help children in the community with homework or reading, they help improve the outdoor areas of ECD centres, they help start food gardens and they provide assistance to vulnerable family members to access social grants.
Zoe-Life in KwaNyuswa
ICS work in KwaNyuswa involves community home visists; running a literacy programme and life-skills lessons in local primary schools; After school programme for High school students and Holiday Leadership programme for youth in the community.
Zoe-Life in Mariannridge
Our work in this community is varied and includes community gardening, running after-school extra lessons, computer-skills, CV writing and entrepreneurship workshops at the local library and upgrading a local educational-training space.
Zoe-Life in Mopani District
ICS volunteers in the greater Tzaneen area run scout or cub groups across several villages and provide afterschool activities for the children.
Volunteers help lead life-skills building initiatives such as reading clubs, games clubs, sports clubs, art or drama clubs. They work with the ‘Children for Change’ OVC programme, support income generating groups and help provide individual support to guardians in developing and initiating their own business concepts within their communities.
Zoe-Life in Tshaulu Manzemba
The team help to empower the young people by giving homework assistance and tutoring, life skills training, running reading skills and community awareness projects, running HIV/ AIDS programs, teaching computer skills and sports activities and helping with community gardens.
Tugela Ferry
In Tugela Ferry, volunteers target issues of gender-inequality, assist with community needs-mapping and undertake projects aimed at improving school facilities.
Zoe-Life in Weenen
Volunteers help local schools and playgroups with English literacy programmes, run a holiday club, develop infrastructure, run a garden project, provide after school homework help to children, and work at a youth centre teaching life skills.
In Wentworth, our volunteers work in life-skills and dance programmes that target primary school children and assist in the running of a social-cohesion project targeting the greater Durban area.


As a youth development programme, ICS helps to develop not only the youth with whom volunteers work, but also the volunteers themselves. Tearfund and Zoë-Life hope that every ICS volunteer will, through their time in the programme, develop capacity in the following areas:

  • Positive and Realistic Commitment
  • Commitment to Learning
  • Practical Problem Solving Ability
  • Flexibility and Adaptability
  • Self Assurance
  • Working with Others
  • Sensitivity to the Needs of Others


ICS volunteers work alongside local volunteers and local organisations to build resilience, confidence and capacity in local communities through:

  • Public Health Messaging to Families, Teachers and Children
  • Child Protection Policies
  • Sexual Reproductive Health Workshops
  • ECD Assessment Tools
  • Literacy and Reading Programmes
  • After school Programmes
  • Physical Education


We want to see young people become ‘global citizens’ and come back to their homes inspired to make a difference. As a result, there is a compulsory social action you have to complete, with our support, within 3 months of returning home.


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The International Citizen Service programme offers you a chance to work alongside non-governmental organisations, churches and schools for the improvement of educational opportunities available to children in vulnerable communities.


Broaden your horizons through immersion in a community other than your own. Build friendships with people from other countries.


Stand apart in the recruitment process by developing your leadership skills and capacity, while gaining hands-on experience in the field of grassroots development.



  • Between the ages of 18 and 25 years old (general volunteer)
  • Sympathetic to Christian values
  • Interested in grassroots development
  • Flexible
  • Hard-working
  • Willing to commit 12 weeks of your life to living in and serving a vulnerable South African community
  • Meet the criteria of a general volunteer
  • A university graduate between the ages of 23 and 30 years old
  • Able to manage your time well
  • A good listener
  • Able to communicate your passion and vision in a clear and concise manner
  • Looking to gain experience in the field of project management


  • Apply via our website.
  • Attend a ‘Selection Day’.
  • Pre-orientation training.
  • Orientation training.
  • Placement process.
  • Action at home.
  • Alumni Event

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